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Maxine’s Philosophy on Charity

- 19 June 2012, 01:06

[kc_font_pac_2_font_15 size=”48″ color=”#cc9933″]I just had a call from a Charity[/kc_font_pac_2_font_15]

[kc_font_pac_2_font_15 size=”48″ color=”#996633″]asking me to donate some of my clothes[/kc_font_pac_2_font_15]

[kc_font_pac_2_font_15 size=”48″ color=”#ff9933″] to the starving people throughout the world. [/kc_font_pac_2_font_15]


[kc_font_pac_2_font_15 size=”48″ color=”#ff0000″]I told them to piss off.[/kc_font_pac_2_font_15]


[kc_font_pac_2_font_15 size=”48″ color=”#999966″]Anybody who fits into my clothes[/kc_font_pac_2_font_15]

[kc_font_pac_2_font_15 size=”48″ color=”#ff0000″] isn’t starving.[/kc_font_pac_2_font_15]


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