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A Fairy Tale

- 7 December 2012, 07:12


Once upon a time there’s this yellow toad wandering around in the forest ticked off because he doesn’t want to be yellow. Life would be easier if he were brown like the other toads. He’d sure be less visible to predators for one thing. Anyway, this yellow toad bumps into a fairy godmother.

“Fairy godmother, please make me brown like the other toads, ” he begs her. “I’m ticked off being so visible to predators.   The stress is like, killing me, you know?” 

“Okay” says the fairy godmother, who whips out her magic wand and goes: “Abracapokus! You’re brown!”

The toad looks down and sees that he is brown! Except, for his weenie, which was still yellow. 
“Hang on lady,” he says to the fairy godmother, “My pecker’s stillyellow!”

“Yeah, well I don’t do weenies,” she says,  “You’ll have to go see the Wizard of Oz for that.”

So the toad thanks her and hops off on his way.

There is also a purple bear wandering about the very same woods. As luck would have it, he encounters the very same fairy godmother (yes, okay, it’s a coincidence, but it’s true, trust me). 
“Fairy Godmother! You’re just the person I need!” says the purple bear, “I can’t pull any bearesses ‘coss they don’t want to be seen with a purple bear on account of the hunters. They can spot me from a mile off.” 

Being a fairly nice fairy godmother, she takes out her magic wand.
 “Oh for goodness sake, what is the matter with you lot round here” she says. and with that, she yells: “Pokuscadabra! You’re brown!”

The bear looks down and sees that he is, in fact, brown. Except for his goolies, which remain purple. 
“Hold up sweetheart!”, he says to the fairy Godmother, “My gooliesare still purple!”

“Yeah, well I don’t do those goolie things,” she replies, “You’ll have to go see the Wizard of Oz for that.” 
“Well that’s just dandy,” the bear replies, “How the hell do I find the Wizard of Oz?” 
“Easy,” says the fairy godmother as she flew off, “Just follow the yellow-prick toad!” J

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