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Hilarious pictures “Help me !!”太棒啦!

- 11 March 2013, 08:03

你該減肥了啦!我會累呢!(Too heavy,you need on diet!)


好啦!我再一下下就好了啦!(Just need a little more time to finish it)


這個高度就可以了!( High enough?)


免驚,我來護送你們過馬路!(Let me escort you!)


好啦!我會用啦!我自己來就可以了啦!(Ok!Ok!! let me do it by myself!)


我多少也可以盡點力的!(I can help push it too)


你可要快點,我快抬不動了!(Faster! I cannot hold it any longer!)


還差一點,再用力推高一點!(Can you lift higher?)


小馬哥,多謝了!(You help me a lot my little horse brother. Thanks!)


暧!你鼻子再低一點,不要噴到我身上!(Don’t spray on me, please lower down a little bit!)


來,我幫你壓!等一下你也要幫我喔!(Leave some for me, next is my turn!)


我先幫你把殘餘的東西清除,等下會好洗些!(Let me clean first!)


來我幫你!我上次就是這樣出去的!(That was the way I climbed out last time)


哇!還是差一點點,看不到外面!(Not high enogh to see outside yet!)


上次有教你怎麼做的,成功了等下有肉吃!(Nice food for you so do what I taught last time)


好啦!再忍耐一下,就要過關了啦!(Be patient! I am finished soon!)


追到手了以後可別忘了兄弟喔!(Don’t forget to help me up there too!)


好香、好香,肚子更餓了!能不能快點?(Smell so good making me hungrier!)


你瞄準得到嗎?我幫你盯著!(Let me keep the target for you!)


這樣還是不行啦!(Still not high enough, Buddy!)


果然上面的好吃,謝啦! (I found good stuff at a higher place, thanks!)

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