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St Peter’s Puzzle

- 14 April 2013, 07:04
This guy dies and goes to heaven.
When he gets there, St. Peter is standing at the gate.
He says,
“If you can answer these three questions I will let
you in to heaven. First, how many seconds are in a year?
Second, how many days of the week have a ‘T’ in them?
Third, what is God’s first name? You have until tomorow
to answer these questions.”
The guy comes back the next day, St. Peter asks the
first question and the guy says,
“Twelve?” says St. Peter, “how did you get that?”
The man replied, “January 2nd, February 2nd and so on.”
Peter thinks it over and says,
“Well that is not exactly what I meant, but it’s
technically corect, so I will give you credit.”
Then St. Peter asks the second question and the guy answers,
St. Peter asks how he got that answer and the man explains,
“Today and Tomorrow.”
St. Peter again admit that wasn’t what he had in mind,
but he’ll accept that.
Peter then asked the third question — God’s first name.
The man says, “Hallud.”
St. Peter, really perplexed, inquires how the guy got
that and the man says,
“You know — it’s in the prayer:
‘Our Father who art in heaven, Hallud be thy name…'”

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