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Who is the boss?

- 24 April 2013, 07:04


When God made man, there was only the one, and the
various parts of the body argued about who would
be the boss.

The hands said they should because they did
the manual work.

The feet thought they should because they
took man to where he could do the work and
get food.

The stomach thought it should be boss because
it digested the food that kept all the body
parts working.

The heart thought it should be because it pumped
the blood that allowed the food to be digested by
the stomach and reach the body.

The brain said,
“No, I have to send all the signals to get each
of you to do your job. Therefore, I am the boss.”

The a-hole said,
“No, no, no… I should be the boss.”

Well all the other parts of the body laughed at
the a-hole.
The a-hole got made and said
“I’ll show you who’s boss”, and clogged up the works.

After a few days, the stomach ached …..
the hands were practically helpless …..
the feet could not carry the body …..
the heart was about ready to stop pumping blood …..
the brain’s signals were being ignored and
finally, the body died.

The moral of this story is …..
you don’t have to be a brain to be the boss,

… just an a-hole.

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