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7 examples British

- 30 September 2013, 09:09
Enjoy, some light” humour”.
7 Examples of British humour.
A Special Package for Businessmen.

An Airline introduced a special package for Business men.

Buy your ticket, get your wife’s ticket free.

After great success, the company sent letters to all the wives asking
how was the trip.

All of them gave the same reply…”What trip?”


New SIM to surprise her husband
Woman buys a new Sim Card. 
Puts it in her phone and decides to
surprise her husband who is seated on the couch in the Living room.

She goes to the kitchen, calls her husband with the new number:

“Hello Darling.”

The husband responds in a low tone:

“Let me call you back later Honey, the stupid woman is in the kitchen.


Cool message by a wife

Dear Mother-in-law,

“Don’t teach me how to handle my children, I’m living with one of
yours & he needs a lot of improvement”


Throwing knives at wife’s picture

Husband was throwing knives at his wife’s picture.

All were missing the target!

Suddenly he received call from her “Hi, what are you doing?”

His honest reply, “MISSING YOU.”


Habit of talking in sleep

A lady to doctor: My husband has a habit of talking in his sleep! What
should I give him to cure it?

Dr: Give him an opportunity to speak when he is awake.



Nobody teaches volcanoes to erupt,

tsunamis to devastate,

hurricanes to swirl around

& no one teaches a man how to choose a wife.



Your husband needs rest

Doctor: Madam, your husband needs rest and peace, so here are some
sleeping pills.
Wife: Doc, when should I give them to him?
Doctor: They are for you!


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