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The Three Couples

- 5 April 2013, 09:04


There were three couples,
one elderly, one middle aged, and one newlywed,
that wanted to join a church.

So the minister tells them that in order to be
members they must abstain from sex for two whole

After two weeks, the minister asks the elderly
couple if they had abstained.

“Yes, no problem!”
So the minister welcomes them to the church.

Then he asks the middle aged couple the same question

“Well, after one week, the husband had to sleep on the
couch, but we made it!”
So the minister welcomes them to the church.

Then the minister asks the newlywed couple if they had
abstained from sex for two weeks.

“We were unable to abstain. On the third day, my wife
dropped a can of corn and when she bent over to pick
it up, LUST and PASSION overcame me!”

“I’m sorry,” the minister says,
“but you are both banned from this church!”

“That’s okay,” says the husband,

“We were banned from the supermarket too!”

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