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The Gateway to Heaven

- 10 April 2013, 09:04


There was a long, long line of spirits at the
gate waiting to get into heaven.
Not all these spirits could fit into heaven,
so the ones who died the worst death would be allowed in.

The first man in line started telling his story,

“Well, Peter, you see, I knew that my wife was cheating
on me so I decided to come home early from work one day
to catch them in action. I got home and searched all over
but I couldn”t find him. Then when I walked out onto
the balcony, there he was dangling off the darn thing
by his fingertips. So I ran and got a hammer then
started beating him with it and he fell.
Well, the fall didn’t kill him, because he landed in a
bush so I picked up the refrigerator and threw it on him.
Although that killed him, the strain gave me a heart
attack, and here I am.”

The next man came up and started his story.

“St. Peter, I always work out on my balcony on the
14th floor of my apartment building. I was on my bike
one day and I fell off when it flipped. I sailed over
the rail and I thought ”Please God spare my life”
and he did.
I caught on to a balcony below me. I was even happier
when a man discovered me hanging there. But all of a sudden
he started beating my hands with a hammer so I fell again.
But the dear Lord saved me again when I landed in a bush.
But I’m here now because the guy threw his refrigerator
on top of me.”

It was now the third guy’s turn to start his story.

“Well, Peter, just picture this.
I’m hiding butt naked in this married chick’s refrigerator…..”

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