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Breakfast at the Farm

- 16 May 2013, 07:05

One morning, the members of a farm family were coming
to the kitchen for breakfast.
Just as Junior seated himself, his mother told him he
was not going to get anything to eat until he went to
the barn and fed the animals.

Irritated at this, he stomped out the door and headed
for the barn.
As he fed the chickens, he kicked each one in the head.
As the cow bent down to start in on the fresh hay he had
just put in the stall, he kicked it in the head.
He poured food into the trough for the pigs, and as they
started eating, he kicked them in the head.
He went back to the kitchen and sat down again.

His mother was furious.
“I saw what you did, so since you kicked the chickens,
you’ll get no eggs for breakfast. And since you kicked
the cow, you’ll get no milk. And no bacon or sausage
because you kicked the pigs.”

Just then, the father came down the stairs and nearly
tripped on the family cat.

On impulse, he kicked the cat off the stairs.

The boy looked at his mother and asked

“Are you gonna tell him or should I?”


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